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    In order to enrich employees' spiritual and cultural life, enhancing team spirit and cohesion. June 12nd the early summer season NSS held a team building activity again, this time we travelled to Eastern Zhejiang Grand Canyon and Qiantong Ancient Town which is located in Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province.


    Early in the morning we started off for our first trip stop - Eastern Zhejiang Grand Canyon, it is a comprehensive tourist resort known for its clean drinkable water, grand mountains, waterfalls, valleys,  rocks and fanciful tree roots. Despite it took almost two hours to get there by tour bus all of us were excited have a good time talking and joking along the way and after a long journey we arrived the destination at last and set out on this voyage of discovery accompanied by guides.

    From the top there are incredible views of the canyon, we were absolutely immersed in the landscape of the canyon, busy taking pictures to record this beautiful landscape and a happy mood.

    After visiting the Eastern Zhejiang Grand Canyon and had lunch at a Joyous Farmer's House, we took the tour bus to our second trip stop - Qiantong Ancient Town. This is famous for its unique residential building layout and well preserved ancient buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties. All households connect with the flowing water and go through gravel zigzag paths. Walking on the tranquil stone lanes it seems that time stops and we listen to the most subtle whispers about this charming place that can make us feel joy and deep inner peace.

    Beautiful things always pass fast, blink of an eye around 4 in the afternoon, travel over we set foot on the way home and all of us look forward to a new journey next time!